I didn't get to use the carder all weekend. My son would not let go of it. By Sunday night he had gone through a complete alpaca fleece.
Vendela, BSc in fiber preparation, Sweden 
Hurray! Finally an electric drum carder that I can decide how to run both the licker and drum on. It works perfect for different staple lengths and animals. Super to prepare my felting art on.
Anna, Sweden

Never ever did I expect the Ekelund Carder to perform as it does. The carder met and exceeded my expectations, just as the website said.
Rose, Wales-sheep breeder
Thank you for taking the time to skype with me. I did what you told me to do. Had the drum on slow and the licker on full. I did not put it through the picker and did not put it through twice. Not one nepp or noil. Very happy! Thank you!
Kathryn, Italy
I am so so happy I invested in my Ekelund Carder. I have tried all my fibers and the batts came out great! Angora, Gotland, BFL, Merino, Texel and more, didn't matter which. Even the long fibers from the Wensleydale sheep the drum carded sorted in just one pass. Can just say GET IT. It really is the best.
Sandy, Ireland
I have tried many carders over the years. This one is not even in the same league! It is soo good looking I could leave it out all the time just to look at it. And it works a treat.
Tine, Norway