Once upon a time..............

...........there was an engineer from Billdal in Sweden. 
To stay sane she worked with her hands when time allowed. She loved knitting sheer shawls of very thin single-ply hand-spun alpaca yarn in what little spare time she had. She was determined to knit each wrap from a single four-legged individual, from pasture to neck. When running out of yarn she started looking for more.  After some time and a lot of searching online, she found a single Swedish source to buy more. She bought all they had but still wanted more.

As it so happened it was close to shearing time for the alpacas. She was invited to come help shearing the flock of award-winning alpacas from southern Sweden who supplied the soft yarn she had used. Never before had she even seen an alpaca in real life.  She drove the four hour trip across the country with a smile on her face. Late one dinner an old Peruvian drop-spindle was brought out. She tried to spin on the spindle and was spellbound right away. Little did she know then how this would change her life. 

The designer and engineer got home. She now had a burning need to start spinning. Soon she realized that her little time would be spent carding not spinning.

What to do? Buy an electric carder she thought. She searched and she searched, but nowhere she found a carder as good as she craved. With her her best friend, she designed one just for herself. Long hours and many nights were spent in his workshop. The result years later when they were done testing, re-building, testing and redesigning over and over again exceeded all her dreams. It was not only carding alpaca as a dream. It also carded all other animal fibers she threw at it. And she did this a lot.


or rather it sill CONTINUES.......