Ekelund Carder - Caring for you and your fibers  

Safety always, always, always top of mind. One of the many benefits by having a Volvo veteran designing the carder is her experience on safety and design.

The carder is designed and purpose built for electrical power. However you find no external belts or other moving parts to get caught up in or hurt by.

One of many safety feature the Ekelund Carder provides is the design of the lid.                          

To be able to start the carder the lid need to be closed. The see-through lid prevents anything getting caught on the drum. The transparent guard over the licker protect yourfingers when feeding the wool. The lid when opened, automatically turns off the drum and licker. 

The Ekelund Carder housing of aluminium provides a sturdy and durable frame for the drums and motors. The carder settings stay the same even when the temperature or humidity varies unlike wood. Dust levels are kept to a minimum by the design of the lid.  Using new types of motors secure a lower noise level.