Safe, Smart, Stylish

The design engineer behind the Ekelund Carder, Lena Ekelund, is a fiber artist of many years. 
Her professional field of expertise is consumer-driven design and engineering.

She and fellow carders and spinners pondered over what they would like in the worlds best electric drum carder. This resulted in an increasingly longer list of dreams, wishes, functions, specifications and sketches for the perfect carder........

Now it is here. For Carders by Carders. Superior results bringing carding to a new level. 

The Ekelund Carder.

Simply the Best.

I dedicate this work of passion, love and care to you who shared with me your experiences and knowledge to make the Ekelund Carder even better. And to you, who join us on this on-going amazing journey with the Ekelund Carder.

                                                       Sunny greetings from the beautiful West Coast of Sweden / Lena Ekelund


a small Swedish company 

We create fiber solutions for fiber artists,farmers, co-ops and all other who expect superior batts.